The OVI Pediatric Nursing Scholars Program is an opportunity for eight Kenyan nursing students to receive a full-tuition scholarship with room and board as they complete a two year internship at our facility.

Our program will enable Kenyan 3rd and 4th year nursing students to graduate debt-free with a competitive career advantage while providing loving, cost effective, 24/7 medical care for the children at our hospital. 

The Inspiration

Prior to the implementation of this program, student nurses were walking long hours to school each day as there were no dorms available on campus. Our students did not have access to internship opportunities as these programs were limited to more developed regions of Kenya. These hardships put students in rural areas like ours at a tremendous disadvantage when applying for jobs after graduation leaving them with tremendous debt and limited job availability. 

Today, our third and fourth year nursing students can overcome these burdens by serving as an intern at our facility! This opportunity offers them a competitive career advantage, housing just a 5 minute walk from their university, and a full-tuition scholarship to help them graduate debt free! Likewise, the nursing students are a tremendous blessing to us as their role provides us with cost effective, medically trained caregivers who will graduate as competent pediatric care providers with a passion for caring for orphans.