Our hospital is designed for the weakest of the weak. Orphans who would otherwise fall victim to the ailments of cancer, AIDS, severe malnourishment, malaria, and traumatic injury can now have hope through life-saving treatment and care inspired by the love Christ shows for His children. Our role is to administer compassionate medical care and pray over weak bodies to give the hope of life to the world's most vulnerable children

Before founding OVI we were college students seeking opportunities to serve and make a global impact. This all changed when a Google search "Medical Opportunities in Africa" led us into a world we never saw coming, the world of vulnerable children dying from both curable and chronic diseases.

Specifically, our hearts broke for the orphans. These children are fighting to survive in crowded institutions that cannot financially support their care. The heart of our mission is to identify these children so that we may support them physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The video below is an example of the support, love, and impact that we are able to provide these children. 

OVI Children's Hospital

Watch the video below to see a news feature of OVI Children's Hospital and hear a little about our mission from our CEO, Amy Hehre, PA-C.

We are not afraid to grieve, but we do fear what will happen to these children if no one takes the risk to love them.