At OVI Children's Hospital, we offer a wide range of services to the communities of Sub-Saharan Africa. Our facility provides:

  • No-Cost 24/7 Medical Care

  • Personal Caregivers

  • All-Inclusive Accommodations

  • 60 Inpatient Bed Capacity

  • Patient Activity Centers

  • Long-Term Care Services

  • Out-Patient Clinic

  • Infant Protection Program

  • Physical Therapy Center

  • Medical Laboratory

  • Imaging Services

  • Pharmacy

  • Education Services 



New Born Screenings, Orphanage Admission Exams, Stomach Pain, Ear Pain, Throat Pain, Wounds, Lacerations, Food Poisoning, Allergic Reactions (Red/Itchy Eyes, Eye Swelling, Rashes, Itching), Falls/Accidents, Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Skin Infection, Cough, Weakness, Asthma, UTI, multiple swollen lymph nodes, Fainting, Parasitic Infections, H. Pylori, Gynecological Issues.



Any fever in child 6 months or under, high fever in any child, Malnutrition, Burns, Bone Pain or Infection, Sickle Cell Crises, Dehydration, Malaria, Pneumonia, Cholera, Asthma Attack, Seizure Activity, Suspected Meningitis, Lethargy in Infants, Evaluation for Physical/Sexual Abuse, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Abnormal Bleeding, Hydrocephalus, Severe Headache, Failure to Thrive, Depression, AIDS related illnesses, Sepsis, Anemia, Cellulitis, Stomach Ulcers.



Delayed Developmental Milestones in children under 3, chronic pain/weakness, cerebral palsy, severe physical impairment, advanced osteomyelitis, cancer, advanced HIV/AIDS, chronic illness. Infant Protection Program for socially and medically vulnerable newborns.


For a patient to be admitted to our hospital, they must meet all of the following criteria:

  • Age 0-18 years old

  • Total orphan or current resident of a registered children’s home

  • Vulnerable child as assessed by the OVI Rescue Team

  • Tuberculosis negative

  • Medical release signed by guardian or appropriate institution representative

  • Medical records & pertinent medical/social history submitted to OVI Staff

  • Case approved by OVI patient coordinator

“We are not afraid to grieve, but we do fear what will happen to these children if no one takes the risk to love them.”