Our orphans depend on the selfless love of others to fight their life-threatening diseases. As an OVI Patient Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to save the lives of countless orphans who would otherwise have no access to medical care. In return, we want to offer you the joy of a personal relationship and exclusive insight into the lives of the children who call you their hero!

If there is a cause that calls to you, become a sponsor and receive these benefits:

Patient Sponsors receive full access to member only benefits including:

  • Additional Patient Stories & Photos

  • New Admission Updates

  • Schedule Virtual Patient Visits (FaceTime; Skype)

  • Opportunity to visit your sponsored child at our hospital in Kenya.

  • Mail / Email communication with your child.


Outpatient Care Sponsor: 35/month

Common cases: New Born Screenings, Orphanage Admission Exams, Stomach Pain, Ear Pain, Throat Pain, Wounds, Lacerations, Food Poisoning, Allergic Reactions (Red/Itchy Eyes, Eye Swelling, Rashes, Itching), Falls/Accidents, Nausea, Diarrhea, Vomiting, Skin Infection, Cough, Weakness, Asthma, UTI, multiple swollen lymph nodes, Fainting, Parasitic Infections, H. Pylori, Gynecological Issues.

Anticipated Costs: Home medications, wound care, in-clinic procedures, caregiver education; Sponsorship can cover up to 10 outpatient visits each month.


Long Term Care Sponsor: 85/month

Common cases: Delayed Developmental Milestones in children under 3, chronic pain/weakness, cerebral palsy, severe physical impairment, advanced osteomyelitis, cancer, advanced HIV/AIDS, chronic illness.

Anticipated Costs: Daily medications, personalized nutrition plan, physical therapy, special needs and standard education classes, daily modified activities, 6 months to multiple year hospital stay. Sponsorship covers all costs for one child each month.


Emergency/Inpatient Care Sponsor: 145/month

Common Cases: Any fever in child 6 months or under, high fever in any child, Malnutrition, Burns, Bone Pain or Infection, Sickle Cell Crises, Dehydration, Malaria, Pneumonia, Cholera, Asthma Attack, Seizure Activity, Suspected Meningitis, Lethargy in Infants, Evaluation for Physical/Sexual Abuse, Chest Pain, Difficulty Breathing, Abnormal Bleeding, Hydrocephalus, Severe Headache, Failure to Thrive, Depression, AIDS related illnesses, Sepsis, Anemia, Cellulitis, Stomach Ulcers.

Anticipated Costs: Blood transfusion, Pain Medication, antibiotics, wound care, suturing, oxygen therapy, EKG, diagnostic imaging, 10-21 day hospital stay. Sponsorship covers all costs for 1 patient for 1 month.


Advanced & Chronic Illness Patient Sponsor: 200/month

Common Cases: Cancer, Hydrocephalus, AIDS, Congenital Heart Disease

Anticipated Costs: Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, Platelet transfusions, IV fluids, pathology reports, imaging, personalized diet plan, greater than 6 month hospital stay. Sponsorship will cover all costs for 1 child each month.