Our orphans depend on the selfless love of others to fight their life-threatening diseases. As an OVI Patient Sponsor, you will have the opportunity to save the lives of countless orphans who would otherwise have no access to medical care. In return, we want to offer you the joy of a personal relationship and exclusive insight into the lives of the children who call you their hero!

If there is a cause that calls to you, become a sponsor and receive these benefits:

Patient Sponsors receive full access to the www.OVInternational.org password protected members only page featuring:

  • Member Exclusive LIVE webcam feed from Kenya! (Air-time schedule, TBA)
  • Additional Patient Stories & Photos
  • New Admission Updates
  • Bi-weekly Patient Progress Reports
  • Monthly OVI Director Webinars
  • Schedule Virtual Patient Visits
  • “Get Well Soon” E-card Generator

If you are already a sponsor, click here to access these features!


Malnutrition Patient Sponsor: 35/month

Common cases: Cachexia, Vitamin Deficiency, Dehydration

Anticipated Costs: IV fluids, protein supplementation, personalized nutrition plan, Iron, Blood transfusion, Caregiver Education, 4-8 day hospital stay.


Infectious Disease Patient Sponsor: 85/month

Common cases: Malaria, GI distress, Cholera, Pneumonia

Anticipated Costs: Antibiotics, IV fluids, personalized nutrition plan, 6-14 day hospital stay.


Emergency/Trauma Patient Sponsor: 145/month

Common Cases: Sickle Cell Crisis, Head Trauma, Burns, Laceration Injury, Sepsis

Anticipated Costs: Blood transfusion, Pain Medication, antibiotics, wound care, suturing, oxygen therapy, EKG, diagnostic imaging, 10-21 day hospital stay.


Cancer & Chronic Illness Patient Sponsor: 200/month

Common Cases: Leukemia, Burkitt’s Lymphoma, AIDS, Congenital Heart Disease

Anticipated Costs: Chemotherapy, Surgery, Radiation, Platelet transfusions, IV fluids, pathology reports, imaging, personalized diet plan, 4-6 month hospital stay.