PA-C: CEO, Founder, Clinical Officer

Amy first envisioned a hospital for orphans after the devastation she witnessed while volunteering in Africa at age 20. Six years later she is living in her dream of bringing the hope to the world’s most vulnerable children. 

In 2015 she married Rob, her long-standing friend and former church camp companion. Together, they finished their studies in medicine as PAs and founded the OVI Children’s Hospital. 

They have since welcomed two precious children into their family Moses (6) and Lily (3). 



PA-C: COO, Co-Founder, Clinical Officer

Rob recognized his call to medical missions at age 18 while studying at UCF Orlando. This calling would later re-unite him with his long-time Kentucky friend, Amy.  His journey in Africa began in 2014, shortly after the couple’s engagement.

He is a dedicated husband, father, clinician and lover of all things medicine. Rob is constantly studying new medical journals and developing protocols of care for the OVI Children’s Hospital. His love for clinical studies has also paved the opportunity for our facility to offer clinical rotations for MD, DO, PA, and Public Health students across the world. 



Hospital Administrator

Hellen is a single mother of two boys who supports the school fees of her 13 nieces and nephews who were all orphaned at early ages.

Hellen was Amy’s (OVI CEO & founder) first friend & “host-mother” when she first came to Kenya.

She has helped manage all aspects of the hospital from the first day this vision came to be. Hellen not only has a heart forevery child, but is known for her joy, listening skills, and ability to keep peace among all staff members.



Assistant Administrator

Victor is an adult orphan and the sole supporter of his three siblings. He spent his adolescent years in our partnering orphanage, the Good Samaritan Children’s Home before being taken in by orphanage director and our hospital chaplain Pastor Peter. He was sponsored to attend Nairobi University where he received a diploma in business administration. Victor is so grateful for the opportunity to use his skills and training to change the world of vulnerable orphans as he once was for the better.



Chief Lab Technician

Joash is a faithful husband and father of two. He has had over 16 years of experience in his field and is truly among the most gifted in his field. Joash commutes over two hours each week to serve at our facility. While his expertise and experience could yield the highest paying positions in Kenya, he has humbly chosen to serve as a missionary to the most vulnerable children in his country.



Chief of Physical Therapy

Victor is among the busiest members of our staff! He works tirelessly to help us rehabilitate orphans who have endured extreme neglect and critical physical impairments. He sees approximately 12 patients daily and is changing lives for hundreds of patients each month. 

John Driver.jpg



John is a faithful husband and father of ten children. He serves our hospital by driving long distances to pick up patients, hospital volunteers, and loads of food/medication supplies. John is committed to the safety and security of our supplies, children, staff, and visitors.’ 



Hospital Supervisor 

Hezborn is an adult orphan. The empathy and passion Hezborn has for sharing the love of Jesus with these children is unmatched. He is the first face they see when they come to the hospital and a constant big brother and friend.  

Hezborn requested to live in the hospital so that these children “could be his family”. We agreed without any hesitation knowing that Hezborn would be the best possible family for any child. His insight into the hearts of orphans in such desperate circumstances is the greatest blessing. 



Head Teacher, Education Specialist

OVI founder Amy met Alector during her pediatric clerkship in the spring of 2017. Alector was the mother to Amy’s 6 month old patient, Rian. While the friendship grew throughout the hospital stay, one statement stood out above the rest. Alector shared how much she adored teaching children who were mute and disabled.  

When our hospital began filling with children who had never attended school because of their physical/mental impairments or had fallen so far behind from their illnesses — Amy knew that God had ordained her friendship with Alector for this very reason! Alector now offers private tutoring for our acute care patients and implements individualized and group education plans for all long-term care patients at our facility.  



Head Social Worker

Judy is a determined young wife who has committed her life to serving orphans. We watched her work tirelessly at a partnering orphanage that was unable to compensate her for the tremendous time and effort she was putting in each day. After speaking with her bosses, they agreed to let Judy transfer to our hospital as a head of our social work department.  

Her position allows her to act as an advocate for our patients during their stay and to be active in follow-ups to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our children once they are discharged back into their orphanages. 




Head Launderer  

Dorka is a widowed mother of five young boys. She worked as a security guard at our facility for over a year before being promoted to her current leadership role. 




Consollata is a single mother to a house full of young boys. We first met her through her son Davis who Amy loved and cared for as an infant 6 years ago. 

Consolatta is a strong and determined woman who works tirelessly to make our institution clean, beautiful, and safe for our patients. 




Bentex is a widowed mother and faithful church member of our community. She is strong, kind and committed to the well-being of every child in our facility. 

She works long hours both day and night to assure the absolute best life for our patients. 




Eunice is a widowed mother and faithful member at our local church. She is kind, compassionate, and always smiling.  

When asked why she wanted to work at OVI she said, “I am raising children who have endured significant loss. I want to love these children as my own.”  


Patient Transport, Caregiver  

Dan is the loving, oldest brother of 5 siblings. He is a natural born protector and playmate. In a 5-story hospital with no elevator, Dan carries all of our patients up and down 96 steps all day long so they don't have to miss any therapies or activities throughout the day. 

He is always working with a smile and lives in our long-term care unit — ready to assist our children at any hour!  




Caregiving Supervisor

Victorine is a widowed mother to 2 beautiful children. Her youngest daughter has suffered from a debilitating case of sickle cell anemia for 16 years. Victorine knows the tremendous amount of energy and love that critically-ill children deserve. It is her God-given passion to show this same commitment to the well-being of our patients that she does for her own daughter. 

Evelyn Launder.jpg



The year before the opening of the hospital, Evelyn was among the women in our neighborhood who kept our facility clean and ready for patients. We saw her incredible work-ethic during this time and were quick to accept her desire to join our full-time staff.



Critical Care Unit Lead Caregiver

Mama Percilla is a 78 year old widowed grandmother. She was identified by our team in 2013 as a candidate for our widow relief program. During our home visits, we realized how strong and determined she was to provide a better life for the orphans. She was the ultimate inspiration for our desire to hire widows to care for the orphans at our hospital. Percilla is now the most treasured staff member by her co-workers and patients alike. Despite her age, she is energetic and performs her duties with equal determination of any younger staff member. 



Patient Transport / Caregiver

Jomo worked as our security guard for over a year. Recently, he requested to be moved to a position that was more interactive with our children.  

His request came in perfect time as we had recently admitted several patients who are unable to walk and need constant assistance in order to take part in all therapies and activities in our 5 story hospital.  




Stephen is a passionate nurse with a love for pediatric medicine. He works hard to make sure our children stay safe and healthy. 



Chemotherapy / Palliative Care Nurse

Jane is humble and servant-hearted. She is eager to meet the needs of each patient and is determined to be constantly be improving skills. Our facility is better because of her work ethic and commitment to our children.




Peter has always had a passion for pediatric nursing. From the moment that he heard a children’s hospital was coming to Migori, he was determined to be a part of our team. When he realized that OVI didn't just care for children but for the very neediest orphans at no cost to them, he knew there was no better place for him to play out his passion than here. He works diligently every night to assure the absolute safety and comfort of each patient. 


Mandela Nelson

Clinical Officer

Mandela is a clinical officer with a passion for pediatric medicine. He is grateful for the opportunity to find a position where he can be committed to the welfare of  orphans. He is extremely motivated, hardworking, and the embodiment of everything we ask for in a healthcare provider.




Fredrick is a loving father and husband who is passionate about delivering the best possible care to the orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa. 

He is driven, goal-oriented, and hard working. Fred has high expectations for the nursing department, and because of this—our children’s needs are met above and beyond daily. 




Patrick is among the first faces patients see when coming to our facility. It is his responsibility to take immediate action in assessing the acuity of each case and providing direction for the caregivers and clinical team. 




Physician; Pediatric Hospitalist

Dr. Nyaberi is a renown physician and pediatric hospitalist in our region. He leads ward rounds at our hospital every morning and is active in pediatric care at our neighboring Level IV hospital. 


Dr Don.jpg


Clinical Officer, Pediatrician

Don is loving husband and father. He was Amy’s dear friend and teacher at the local mission hospital prior to the foundation of the hospital. 

He works every weekend and many late evenings to make sure the needs of our patients are attended around the clock. Don is known for his kind spirit and love for children of all ages!




Mary is the loyal wife to our local Pastor Ben & mother of four children. She works long days over a wood-burning stove to make sure that every child has delicious, hot meals to help them make a full recovery. 

Mary has also led her community of church members and farmers to conduct food drives
for our hospital! 

John Cook.jpg



John is humble, hardworking, and committed to providing healthy meals for our patients. His kind and cheerful demeanor is a blessing to all who meet him. 




We were introduced to Violet by our area chief. He described her as a wonderful, loving, Christian mother who was struggling to provide for her family. After meeting with Violet and hearing her passion for our children, and for giving a better life to her own family, we knew she was a great fit for our team!




Elizabeth was introduced to us by her husband who has been our trusted mechanic over the last year. She is a strong, God-fearing woman who is passionate about making our hospital a safe, clean place for children to rest and heal. 




US Director of Missions and Outreach

Ariel lives in Somerset, Kentucky where she met our CEO, Amy. The two became fast friends and it wasn't long before Ariel felt herself being led into the OVI Ministry.

Ariel’s degree from Eastern Kentucky University in Resort and Tourism Management has made her an expert in all things travel. She coordinates volunteer trips and is the go-to for all visitor questions and concerns. You can find her managing OVI’s social media and working to recruit and guide volunteers, staff, and ambassadors to be as passionate about OVI as she is! 



Executive and Medical Assistant to Amy Hehre

Claire has a professional background in medical assisting, massage therapy, and communications. She lives here in Kenya most of the time where she serves wholeheartedly in many ways. Her love for Jesus and our children is apparent in all that she does for our ministry. 



US Director of Patient Affairs

Katie is a wife, mother of two, and a physician assistant in Kentucky. With a background in refugee resettlement, she has a passion for serving the marginalized, especially children. She loves sharing the joy OVI has brought to her life through all things partnership, sponsorship, and fundraising!