Why the name "Ovi & Violet International"?

Ovi is in honor of the founder’s three-year-old nephew, Ovidio. He is our inspiration, our light, and our namesake. We tragically lost Ovi when he was only 3 years old in June 2015. Even though he lived such a short time, his life had purpose and meaning, and most of all, he was loved. We carry the message that Ovi taught us to the orphans of Kenya: that they are valued, cherished, and loved, no matter how long they are with us. It is our goal to honor his legacy by offering unconditional love and care to these orphans experiencing terminal illnesses. 

The violet is a source of aspirin and other pain relieving substances. Ancient legends tell of the flower's curative role in cancer and various diseases. Through history, violets have been revered as a symbol of peace in times of grief and a promise of the after-life. As a foundation, we hope to bring peace to these children and bring them hope with our presence.

Who are the founders?

Amy Hehre MSPAS, PA-C, CEO in partnership with her husband Robert Hehre MPAS, PA-C, COO. The Hehres became friends at church camp in 2007, were married in 2015, and are currently raising two precious children Lily and Moses in a little apartment home in the OVI Children’s Hospital. 


What is OVI currently doing?

The OVI Children's Hospital offers the 34 million orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa access to free 24/7 medical care and hope through the gospel of Christ. Children who would otherwise face cancer, AIDS, severe malnourishment, and other life-threatening illnesses alone without any access to care are now able to find healing and rest. We are able to love them, pray over them by name, and rock them to sleep in our own home.