The OVI Widow-Orphan Companion Program is an opportunity for marginalized women to find empowerment and support through a program in which they will provide comfort to orphans residing at our hospital.

Specific duties include rocking infants, telling Bible stories, singing songs to comfort the children, serving meals, and anything else that they feel comfortable contributing.

The Inspiration

This program is rooted in our belief that the greatest gift you can give is contributing to the world around you. Our widows range from their early twenties to mid-nineties! Many have several children and question whether they can have purpose beyond simply surviving and providing for their families.

Due to a lack of formal education and language limitations, finding work becomes a very trying task. Our program aims to restore their feeling of purpose by allowing them to play a crucial role in the life of our orphans. Our patients come to the hospital alone and are in need of loving care throughout their stay. The widows are a perfect fit for this job as they are familiar with the local language and can empathize with the deep losses these children have suffered.

It is our hope that this program will not only provide our widows with a work opportunity but also a sense of purpose as they invest in the lives of our patients during this vulnerable time.