Called to be Unqualified


It’s all clouds in Kenya this morning . So if you look up—you should see my head in them. Or at least that is what I’m told. 

Welcome to the world of a too young, unqualified, inexperienced, broke, busy, naive, dreamer. 

Have we met?

I’m Amy, a Kentucky born-and-raised twenty-five year old, who against every bit of rational thought, left her home in the US to start a hospital for orphans in Sub-Saharan Africa. 

But how? Or better yet WHY? 

My answer? I drew this life-journey out of a hat. No really, I did! 

God found me at one of my most comfortable moments—in a long-term relationship with a fantastic Christian man, an honors college student with a 3.9 GPA, holding a stable part-time job, dog-mom to an eight-month old puppy, and asked me to throw it all in to pursue two worlds I knew nothing about—Africa and medicine. 

Now what about the hat? Oh yes—the hat. I reached into a literal hat and pulled out a small ripped piece of paper that said “If you could live any life, what would it be & why?” 

My response was direct, “If I could live any life I’d love to be a medical missionary who could bring life-saving treatment world’s most vulnerable children and change their life for the better.”

What grounds did I have for this dream? Frankly, I’m not certain. Maybe because I had sponsored a surgery for a child through Operation Smile a few weeks prior? Or better yet, who answers a question like that on the spot? Easy, a pageant girl who has been perfecting on-stage questions since the ripe old age of fourteen. 

Long story short, this audience of ice-breaker participants heard my answer but misheard the question. They thought this dream was my actual life!

Throughout the entire event people would repeatedly come and applaud me for my charitable work. Time after time I would explain the misunderstanding. I would tell them that this wasn’t my life or even a life I was a pursuing, but just a far-fetched dream that I thought of on the spot. 

I continued doing this until one man whose name and face I cannot remember challenged me with one question that would change everything. “If this is the life you want most; why on earth are you not pursuing it?”

So I did. 

In a single instance I decided to drop everything I knew and loved. I left my relationship, moved my sweet puppy Isla in with my parents,  abandoned a major and job I had worked so hard for (along with every hope of perfect grades) to become a premed student, and sold my iPad + small collection of assets to buy a plane ticket for one to Kenya. All in attempt to chase this completely foreign goal. 

Why me? Why would I be the one chosen for this specific calling? 

One thing I can promise with absolute conviction is it had absolutely nothing to do with qualifications. In fact, I’d just finished astronomy as my required science course so that I would never have to learn a thing about the human body. If that were not enough, at this time my international travels were limited to leisurely vacations in Australia and Europe. 

But here I am today, (just 5 years later) writing you from my home in Kenya. I am a certified Physician Assistant, CEO, and Founder of a beautiful hospital for critically ill orphans that is the embodiment of my once far-fetched dream.

I’m married to Rob, my sweet friend I met at church camp 10 years ago who shares and empowers my heart for this ministry. We are currently fostering to adopt our two precious children Lily and Moses in a little apartment home on the fifth-floor of our OVI Children’s Hospital. 

Our hospital ministry offers the 34 million orphans of Sub-Saharan Africa access to free 24/7 medical care and hope through the gospel of Christ. Children who would otherwise face cancer, AIDS, severe malnourishment, and other life-threatening illnesses alone without any access to care are now able to find healing and rest. I am able to love them, pray over them by name, and rock them to sleep in my own home.  

This is not my dream, folks. It is so much more than that. 

It is an intricately designed gift from a Father who knows my desires more personally than I could ever know my own. A Savior who trusts me enough to fill my arms and heart with His weakest children. A God who has enabled me to be His most unqualified vessel. 

I do not say this out of a lack of confidence or as an attempt to appear humble. I say this with absolute joy in my soul. I say this knowing that when people see this work they know that it cannot be because of someone like me. And you know what? They could not be more correct! 

If I had depended on a perfectly structured feasibility plan, waited to perfect my personal abilities, or even held out until I was financially stable enough to pursue this goal; I am certain it would have all passed. 

Instead, I will continue running with my eyes closed. In complete, blind faith that my inabilities will only point to the abilities of Christ. 

When fully-funded hospital buildings fall from the sky, when children are healed of their critical illnesses, and when countless souls are reached for Jesus; I pray they never forget how unqualified I am for the miracle of this mission.