Finding Family: Baby Jesus Part III


When we first found Baby Jesus we were so uncertain of the outcomes he would achieve. His tiny body was severely atrophied from excessive bed-rest and medical neglect. He was completely non-verbal and spent his days isolated as other children at the orphanage grew and went to school without him.

Seven weeks later we have a completely new child. He is verbally communicating his needs and sitting independently for up to one hour at a time.  He has learned to dance, drink with a straw, and loves swimming. Baby Jesus has truly experienced one of the most miraculous transitions we have ever witnessed!

In light of his beautiful testimony, we were inspired to dedicate a full unit at our hospital to children just like Baby Jesus. After identifying 57 cases of orphans with physical disabilities and critical medical needs, we were able to select the four neediest cases to seek sponsorship for admission at our facility for long-term care and intensive rehabilitation services. 

All four children share Baby Jesus' background of being abandoned as infants and diagnoses of cerebral palsy without access to necessary medical interventions. Admission at our facility will enable each child to access all necessary medications, daily rehabilitative therapies, personal caregivers, modified daily activities, hot meals, faith-based teaching, and a community of siblings who face the same battles daily. 

It is our prayer that we will find eight $85/month sponsors so that we may bring all four of Jesus' new siblings to OVI Children's Hospital this week!


Please follow this link to make a one-time or monthly sponsorship today: