Will You Rescue?


“Are you willing to rescue?”

The profound weight of this question struck me unexpectedly. 

When we founded our hospital for orphans, I was certain of the lack of access to specialized care. I was so deeply burdened for these children who were all alone with no one to support their critical needs. 

For me, this mission was all encompassing in my mind and heart. But just 2 months into our hospital ministry, God sent someone into my life to challenge me to more. 

He asked me to rescue. 

To be an open heart and door for endangered children who are being physically and sexually abused. Children whose relatives might be alive, but who are knowingly neglecting their cries or putting them in imminent danger.

 I said yes. 

Yes to loving the unloved, mending the broken, and restoring the defiled. To bringing the light of Christ to children in their darkest hours, when every other door is shut. To committing ourselves to providing emergent medical care and to assure holistic healing of each victim.

And so it began. 

Less than 48 hours later, I find myself gazing into the eyes of a fourteen year old girl. A girl who is approximately 36 weeks pregnant, whose family has beaten her stomach and refused to let her return home until she aborts her pregnancy. A beautiful child who today lost every hope and attempted to take her own life. 

Thank you, Jesus. 

Thank you for opening my eyes to this need. For entrusting me with your most vulnerable children. For allowing me to love the broken and for challenging me to say yes to more. The world is filled with need, but in every life I get to experience an unmatchable opportunity. 

Today, I have hope that our first rescue will result in two lives saved and for that, I praise Him.

Because of this calling, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Rescue Center at OVI Children’s Hospital! Everyday, children across Sub-Saharan Africa fall victim to physical and sexual abuse. Before our effort children would wait for days at the local police station or a local orphanage without any counseling or treatment for their urgent medical needs. The Rescue Center at OVI Children’s Hospital now serves as a first stop for these victims. We offer immediate medical care to all children who may need it, as well as STD/HIV testing and prophylaxis medications, counseling, and professional reintegration ensuring placement in safe homes.

Please consider joining our mission of reaching the worlds most vulnerable children by making a one-time or recurring gift today! Simply indicate *Rescue* in your contribution comment to directly sponsor a child in crisis today.