Orphan Hospital


Every night, I walk past sixty empty beds and dream of the children that will soon fill each one of them. I long to see their faces, to know their names, and to learn their stories. To hold their hand and rock them to sleep.

I wonder where they are this very moment. 

My heart and body ache thinking of the pain they are enduring. I lie awake at night burdened with the loneliness they face in these illnesses, all alone. 

It makes my arms feel so empty.  

Even rocking my own children cannot fill this void created in me. As I watch Lily sleep and fall more in love with Moses’s smile, I mourn for the mamas who weren’t so fortunate to see their children grow. 

My heart is for them.

I want to honor their legacy by being more than just a hospital. I want their children to feel the spirit of a mother’s love and even more, the peace that only a Heavenly Father can provide.

Orphans are far too aware that they are a responsibility. 

Here, I hope feel they feel like a privilege. Fought for, prayed for, and wanted.

I pray it is impossible to miss the love in their caregivers eyes. That they can sense the joy and fulfillment of their healthcare providers. That this place would provide a constant hope for their future and serve as a reminder of how deeply they are adored. 

As we begin this journey, please pray that God will lead us to the most desperate cases. For provision and wisdom with every aspect of care. 

While stacks of referrals accumulate and orphanage visits lead us to learn of more and more suffering, I find peace in knowing the beautiful plans God has for these children. That the life He has for them is even greater than the longing in my heart. 

They will be our doctors, nurses, teachers, pastors, engineers, artists, musicians, politicians, authors, parents, and world-changers. 

As I walk through our hospital units, I’m reminded of this incredible potential we have each day. In saving a life you touch not only one person, but thousands of lives who will be inspired and changed by their existence. 

Thank you for walking beside me and seeing more than just empty beds. Your trust and generosity will be the gift of life for so many.