Standing In Faith:  Crippled Child Finds Miraculous Healing

Standing In Faith:  Crippled Child Finds Miraculous Healing

Jek would move up and down the streets on his buttocks looking for trees that had mangoes so that he could beg someone to climb it for him to be able to eat. His impoverished family was so desperate that they would walk to an orphanage with their beloved first-born child in a wheelbarrow, with no choice but to surrender him for a better life. 

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Finding Family: Baby Jesus Part III


When we first found Baby Jesus we were so uncertain of the outcomes he would achieve. His tiny body was severely atrophied from excessive bed-rest and medical neglect. He was completely non-verbal and spent his days isolated as other children at the orphanage grew and went to school without him.

Seven weeks later we have a completely new child. He is verbally communicating his needs and sitting independently for up to one hour at a time.  He has learned to dance, drink with a straw, and loves swimming. Baby Jesus has truly experienced one of the most miraculous transitions we have ever witnessed!

In light of his beautiful testimony, we were inspired to dedicate a full unit at our hospital to children just like Baby Jesus. After identifying 57 cases of orphans with physical disabilities and critical medical needs, we were able to select the four neediest cases to seek sponsorship for admission at our facility for long-term care and intensive rehabilitation services. 

All four children share Baby Jesus' background of being abandoned as infants and diagnoses of cerebral palsy without access to necessary medical interventions. Admission at our facility will enable each child to access all necessary medications, daily rehabilitative therapies, personal caregivers, modified daily activities, hot meals, faith-based teaching, and a community of siblings who face the same battles daily. 

It is our prayer that we will find eight $85/month sponsors so that we may bring all four of Jesus' new siblings to OVI Children's Hospital this week!


Please follow this link to make a one-time or monthly sponsorship today:

Will You Rescue?


“Are you willing to rescue?”

The profound weight of this question struck me unexpectedly. 

When we founded our hospital for orphans, I was certain of the lack of access to specialized care. I was so deeply burdened for these children who were all alone with no one to support their critical needs. 

For me, this mission was all encompassing in my mind and heart. But just 2 months into our hospital ministry, God sent someone into my life to challenge me to more. 

He asked me to rescue. 

To be an open heart and door for endangered children who are being physically and sexually abused. Children whose relatives might be alive, but who are knowingly neglecting their cries or putting them in imminent danger.

 I said yes. 

Yes to loving the unloved, mending the broken, and restoring the defiled. To bringing the light of Christ to children in their darkest hours, when every other door is shut. To committing ourselves to providing emergent medical care and to assure holistic healing of each victim.

And so it began. 

Less than 48 hours later, I find myself gazing into the eyes of a fourteen year old girl. A girl who is approximately 36 weeks pregnant, whose family has beaten her stomach and refused to let her return home until she aborts her pregnancy. A beautiful child who today lost every hope and attempted to take her own life. 

Thank you, Jesus. 

Thank you for opening my eyes to this need. For entrusting me with your most vulnerable children. For allowing me to love the broken and for challenging me to say yes to more. The world is filled with need, but in every life I get to experience an unmatchable opportunity. 

Today, I have hope that our first rescue will result in two lives saved and for that, I praise Him.

Because of this calling, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our Rescue Center at OVI Children’s Hospital! Everyday, children across Sub-Saharan Africa fall victim to physical and sexual abuse. Before our effort children would wait for days at the local police station or a local orphanage without any counseling or treatment for their urgent medical needs. The Rescue Center at OVI Children’s Hospital now serves as a first stop for these victims. We offer immediate medical care to all children who may need it, as well as STD/HIV testing and prophylaxis medications, counseling, and professional reintegration ensuring placement in safe homes.

Please consider joining our mission of reaching the worlds most vulnerable children by making a one-time or recurring gift today! Simply indicate *Rescue* in your contribution comment to directly sponsor a child in crisis today. 

Entertaining Angels

From my very first days of envisioning our hospital for orphans, I have battled with a way to address our need for sponsors. 

Unlike many other organizations serving orphans and vulnerable children, we are rarely able to provide names and stories for our patients before admitting them to our facility. 

People seemed to love choosing a photo with a name, story, and background of a child in need. For instance, I myself have sponsored a beautiful girl in the Philippines through Compassion International for the last 10 years. I remember sifting through packages of photos and stories. I can still recall the love that consumed me when I found the one that captured my heart. 

Time after time, I’ve tried to recreate this experience for our own supporters. Numerous business gurus and seasoned non-profit professionals have encouraged me to create similar packages and to cater to the popular demand for "specific child" sponsorship. 

In our first month of operation, there have been two cases that we have had opportunities and a need to do this. Once for a long-term care patient whose stay was anticipated to be up to 12 years, and another for a patient with needs that so far exceeded our monthly budget that we were forced to secure funding before his admission. 

Thankfully, both cases were rapidly met with one-time and monthly sponsors willing to love them and provide for them fully. 

Logic told me I should seek more children who could have similar sponsorship outcomes. After all, there is certain security in having assured funding for every aspect of a patient’s care.

But other days it is a toddler on his final stretch of starvation, a little girl who has had a stroke as a result of her sickle cell anemia, an HIV+ infant with a critical fever or advanced pneumonia. In these cases, we have no time to seek individual sponsorship. We must choose to say “yes” and trust that the provision will be there. 

Until today, I experienced so much guilt in securing advanced sponsorship for these children. “How can I possibly compete with organizations who allow families to call a child their own?” “What about the photo on the fridge, heart-wrenching stories, the name to pray over daily?” “How can I give sponsors the joy of a relationship with a child without exploiting their personal diagnoses or risking their health by delaying care?“

And then God spoke to me unexpectedly with a single, powerful answer.

“Let them entertain angels.”

I immediately ran to reference the scripture which I had long forgotten. Each word I read building my hope and confidence in the work that has been set before me. 

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels without knowing it.” Hebrews 6:13

The very aspect of our mission I have tried to correct is the quality that allows our sponsors to do something so unique and incredible. 

As a one-time donor or monthly patient sponsor you have the opportunity to say yes to a stranger. 

To love someone without any reason. 

To say “yes” to their life without anything in return. 

There is nothing wrong with sponsoring a specific child. It is, in fact, one of the most wonderful choices I ever made. However, today I have learned to appreciate the beauty of loving a complete stranger. 

To give life to the name-less, face-less child who you might never see on this side of heaven. 

To just maybe, entertain an angel. 


Follow this link to make a one-time or monthly gift today:

More than a Manger: Bringing Baby Jesus Home

More than a Manger: Bringing Baby Jesus Home

My heart ached as I told them that we must first secure sponsorship for his care, as his needs would be high — requiring building renovations, new personal caregivers, and security of funding for his stay which could be up to twelve years. 

Although I had an absolute conviction that that I should should first secure funding, my heart yearned to leave with him that day. Despite my longings, I listened to the still, small voice telling me to wait and trust in my Father’s provision for this beautiful child. 

I could sense God saying “Wait, I have so much more than a manger for this child.” 

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3 Unorthodox Prayer Requests for Missionaries in Rural Africa 

3 Unorthodox Prayer Requests for Missionaries in Rural Africa 

"This missionary life is difficult. It is messy. It makes you cussing mad and leaves you feeling like the least deserving person of any good thing...

We want to be viewed as worthy of our cause. As trustworthy servants of a greater kingdom. But God is challenging me to break through my fears and insecurities. To reveal myself as the broken vessel that he chooses to use for His glory. "

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Called to be Unqualified

Called to be Unqualified

"This is not my dream, folks. It is so much more than that. 

It is an intricately designed gift from a Father who knows my desires more personally than I could ever know my own. A Savior who trusts me enough to fill my arms and heart with His weakest children. A God who has enabled me to be His most unqualified vessel."


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